About GeniXCMS

GeniXCMS is a free and opensource Content Management System and Framework. It's built with PHP language and using MySQL as the database. GeniXCMS was firstly made for the simplicity of application creations. By developing GeniXCMS with small and light code will be able to help rookie programmer to build and online applications with ease. 

GeniXCMS was start developed in September, 2014. And had many improvement until now. GeniXCMS is ready for Mobile Device. From the beginning of development GeniXCMS was using Bootstrap for the backend and the front end. It's include jQuery, Fontawesome, Bootstrap validator, etc. 


GeniXCMS is developed by Puguh Wijayanto as the Lead Developer. And helped by many contributors who willing to send a small advice and suggestions for GeniXCMS improvement. 


GeniXCMS had several logos, but had one similarity. It's a handwritten signature of genix and wrote by Puguh Wijayanto. Below are some of GeniXCMS Logos.


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